Roasted Lamb In a Very Special Way


Roasted Lamb In a Very Special Way

Servings: 20

Preparation time: 6 hr and 20 min


This super delicious roasted lamb is worthy of being swapped for turkey on Christmas dinner.



One 15kg lamb

200 gr salt

500 ml white wine

1 kg potatoes

200 ml sunflower oil

3 litres water

2 to 3 cloves thinly sliced garlic



1. Cut the lamb into two equal pieces and put it in a large cooking pot.

2. Slit with a knife in various places on both pieces of lamb. Insert garlic slices in slits. Season with salt, pour with sunflower oil, white wine and water over lamb and place on outdoor wood or charcoal fire pit. Cover with large metal lid and it is necessary to put burning wood or charcoal on the lid.

3. Bake slowly for about 4 hours, add peeled potatoes, bake additional 2 hours.

4. Pour occasionally of sauce.

5. It should look like this.



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