How To Prevent Food Poisoning During Summertime


High temperatures in the summer days are giving ideal foundation for the bacteria to grow and develop and if they end up in your dish, you'll very likely end up with a food poisoning. By practicing these easy tricks, you can stay well protected in the hot summer days.


Wash your hands and food before eating

Good personal hygiene, washing the products and thermal processing of food are the things that will keep you away from food poisoning. Before you start preparing any kind of meal, give your kitchen and kitchen appliances a good cleaning. Keep your products well protected against insects. Put your fruits and veggies in a water with a couple of apple cider vinegar drops, because it's powerful enough to kill any bacteria. Last but not least, always take care of the shelf life of your products.

Drink plenty of liquids

In the hot summer days your body will lose more liquid that usual, therefore you should drink plenty of fresh water and tea. Eating a green salad can also help you compensate the lost liquids. Avoid drinking soft drinks and drinks rich in caffeine and sugar, because they act as diuretics. Avoid drinking bacteriological unexamined water, especially on holidays or picnics.

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Avoid eating fast food

Fresh meat, fish and milk are ideal environment for development of bacteria, therefore it's essential to store them in a refrigerator and meat should be thermally treated in a period of 2 days. Avoid eating fast food, because it contains plenty of fats and it takes longer time to cook.

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Ginger for nausea

A tea made of peppermint and ginger is the most effective natural remedy to fight off nausea. Salty soup can be very helpful in case of dehydration or mild symptoms of poisoning. Hot peppers can lower your body temperature and dilate the blood vessels.

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How To Prevent Food Poisoning During Summertime   





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