6 Things You Should NEVER Do After a Meal


Do you eat fruit right after a meal or maybe you take a shower right after a meal? - If yes, it's time to break these habits. Various researches have shown that there are several things that people should NEVER do immediately after a meal, so pay attention in order to avoid health problems.


Do not smoke after a meal

Experts proved that a cigarette which is smoked at that period of time is equal to 10 cigarettes smoked in some other period.

Do not eat fruit after a meal

If after eating other foods you switch to fruit, it will provoke excess gas in your stomach, so you will feel uncomfortable. If you have a desire for fruit, then consume it one hour before, or one or two hours after a meal.

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Do not drink tea after a meal

If you drink tea immediately after a meal, you will slow down the digestive process of food, as tea strengthens proteins entered from the food in your body.


Do not take a shower or swim after a meal

You should not take a shower or swim immediately after a meal, because this strengthens blood flow to the arms and legs, so reduce the amount of blood around the stomach. In other words - it weakens the digestive system and slows down digestive process.

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Do not sleep after a meal

If you go to bed right after your meal, it can cause gastric problems and you risk infection in the intestines.

Avoid physical activity after a meal

A physical activity immediately after eating a meal is also not desirable, because in this way you disturb the digestive system in absorbing nutrients from the consumed food. However, it is desirable to walk about ten minutes, but 20-30 minutes after meal.


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6 Things You Should NEVER Do After a Meal   





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