How To Extend The Life Of A Dishwasher?


Dishwashers are great for busy, modern women - keep your hands, nails and back,as well as saves time.


However, many have shorter lifetime and that is because housewives do not use them properly. Here's what you should do and should not do...

With these three tips your dishwasher will last much longer:

Completely remove all leftovers from the plate, even when instructions says that the dishwasher dissolve all the fat. Do not wash crockery with the powder before you put them into dishwasher, because it can damage the surface of the dishes.


Be careful not to overfill the dishwasher. If you have hard tap water, be sure to use detergents to remove soap scum.

Do not place objects made of wood (spoons, bowls, teaspoons). They will lose the color and wood can rupture. Cups decorated with thumbnail pictures will fade in the dishwasher. The high temperature can even remove the golden line decor from the plate, while strong water jet dulls sharp knives.


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How To Extend The Life Of A Dishwasher?   





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