Common Foods You Should NEVER Reheat And Why


If you have a habit to reheat previously cooked food, take care of which food you can and which food you should never reheat, because some foods lose their nutrients and substances, and some can even become toxic.


Below are the foods which you should NEVER REHEAT

Red meat

Roasted red meat should never be reheated, because during the reheating it changes its structure into a form that does not match your body. In fact, during the reheating process, proteins in the meat change its composition, making them very difficult to digest. Despite the difficulties in digestion, meat can become toxic.


As with red meat, reheating poultry meat can make a change in the protein composition which can cause digestive problems. Chicken and turkey meat should be eaten cold, without reheating, especially chicken, which contains more proteins than red meat.

Spinach, beet, celery and carrots

These vegetables contain nitrates, which, due to the action of microorganisms and heating turn into nitrites and then into nitrosamines, which in turn are very harmful and carcinogenic for humans. Spinach is the most risky in this group and always should be eaten in fresh form or immediately after preparation. This does not mean that these foods you can not eat the next day, but nevertheless, do not reheat them because they are also tasty cold. Celery, along with carrots, which are often used for soups, should never be reheated.



As already mentioned, before reheating the homemade soup, it is good to remove the vegetables, particularly celery, and meat from the soup.


Food that we all enjoy eating as a side dish or a main course, in various combinations, potatoes, by no means should be reheated. In fact, due to reheating, potato loses its nutritional properties, and even becomes toxic. It is healthy to eat it immediately after preparation or cold, when it contains the highest percentage of resistant starch meritorious for long-lasting feeling of satiety and has probiotic effects.


Eggs should never be reheated, since they become toxic due to exposure to high temperatures. However, this does not apply to foods where the eggs are mixed in sauces such as bechamel, but only at meals with boiled or fried eggs.


Mushrooms is best eaten immediately after preparation, or cold , but they should never be reheated. The composition of mushrooms,also due to proteins that contain, easily change by reheating, which is why they can cause a variety of gastrointestinal problems, and lose their health benefits. The same applies to risotto, which is made with mushrooms. If you just have to keep warm, let it be mild heating at temperatures up to 70 ° Celsius.


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Common Foods You Should NEVER Reheat And Why   





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