How Long Can You SAFELY Keep Your Leftovers In The Fridge?


Microbiologist from Nottingham Trent University explains how to preserve leftovers and how long they are safe for consumption.


Food poisoning affects thousands of people around the world every year, especially in the summer days.

Meat and fish

Certainly, one of the most dangerous leftovers is the meat, due to the possibility of bacterial development.

If you have fish leftovers and if they are kept in the fridge not longer than a day and a half, then you can safely use them.

Meat can be kept a little longer - up to five days, but only if you hold it covered with foil or in separate containers in the refrigerator. ?he development of dangerous bacteria occurs when the temperature where is stored is higher than 8 ° Celsius, so it is not a good idea to keep it on the terrace or in the pantry, where the temperature can rise during the day.



They can be dangerous, especially due to cross contamination (eg. If the same fork or a spoon is used for the meat and the sauce).

They should be eaten within three days. The same goes for French salad, which can be dangerous due the presence of eggs, potatoes and mayonnaise.


Eating vegetables second or third day after it has been prepared can not harm you, but the problem with vegetables is not about the bacteria but the fungi. They multiply at room temperature, and prefer sweet vegetables such as potatoes - it is best to be eaten within two days.

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The shelf life of creamy cake is four days in the refrigerator, while homemade cookies can last up to 20 days.

They will be fresher if you keep them in a dry and dark place covered with a cloth, in order to keep them away of moisture.


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How Long Can You SAFELY Keep Your Leftovers In The Fridge?   





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