11 Safe Food Handling Practices and Food Safety Tips


From washing to chopping! These mistakes you should not do...


Raw and cooked meat in separate containers

For the preparation of raw and cooked or roasted meat you must always use different plates or bowls.

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The reason is that bacteria from raw meat can be transmitted to the cooked. The same goes for seafood or poultry.

Washing meat

Contrary to logic, rinsing meat in the kitchen sink is not at all hygienic. In this way, the bacteria can spread to the sink and surrounding kitchen surfaces.

Cooling food before placing in the fridge!?

Many are convinced that before placing in the fridge, food should cool down. However, keeping food warm at room temperature, is actually a call for bacteria. In perishable food, bacteria that cause the disease may develop in two hours unless the food is not immediately placed in the fridge. However, just cooked, hot food should not be placed in the fridge, because releasing heat lowers the temperature in the refrigerator and thus endanger other foods.


Do not put unwashed fruits on cutting board

Even if you plan to peel fruits or vegetables before use, it is best to pre-wash. Pesticides with fruit can be moved on the surface and infect parts of chopped fruit or vegetables.

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Dishes containing raw eggs

Warnings about the dangers of consuming raw eggs are completely true. Thermally unprocessed eggs may have salmonella or other harmful bacteria.

Marinating on the kitchen work surfaces

Marinating on the kitchen work surface is as dangerous as thawing meat on it. Harmful bacteria at room temperature will rapidly proliferate, so be sure to put the marinated food in the fridge.

Thawing meat on a kitchen board

As the bacteria multiply rapidly at room temperature, the meat should not be thawed on the kitchen work surfaces. The best way to defrost food is in the fridge, a bowl with cold water or in the microwave.

Using a marinade as sauce

Although it seems economical to use the marinade as a sauce, keep in mind that bacteria of raw meat can infect your food. The marinade can be used only if is boiled previously.

Undercooked meat

While no one wants to be served too dry meat, not enough cooked meat can still contain dangerous bacteria. "Bloody steak" is not in the list of prohibited and dangerous food, but properly cooked meat in any case is a safer option.

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Not washed hands

The importance of hand washing is already well known precaution. However, many people do not practice it properly. Wash hands with soap for about 20 seconds and rinse with tap water.

Tasting food to determine its validity

If you are among those who taste the milk to check the expiration date, it is better to cancel this habit. Although in the case of milk, you can get not so big health problems, but another spoiled food can cause serious consequences.


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11 Safe Food Handling Practices and Food Safety Tips   





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