Best Healthy Salt Alternatives


The maximum amount of salt intake per day should not exceed 5 grams, but many people do not know this or ignore it. Due to excessive salt intake, we forgot the natural taste of food, and additionally, it causes more health problems - high blood pressure, kidney problems, destruction of vitamins and enzymes.


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This especially refers to the refined commercial salt, and not to sea salt. However, even this salt is not so good and should be used as little as possible. In this article we present six foods that are healthy and which can replace the function of the salt. Look!

1. Garlic

Garlic is a perfect replacement for salt, especially when is used in the form of garlic dust. Goes well with fish, pasta and salads, as well as with other food it gives a fantastic taste. In addition, garlic has many healthy features and this makes it the number one food ingredient in the kitchen.


2. Sunflower seeds

Bitter sweet taste can be a great substitute for salt and to give the food the amount of needed salinity. Besides having such a taste, sunflower seed is very healthy. Only 50 grams of seeds is enough to satisfy the daily required amount of vitamins B1 and E, and 100 grams to satisfy manganese, magnesium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and vitamin B6. Use milled seeds.


3. Lemon juice

Almost no one likes to eat a salad without any seasoning, especially salt, because it seems completely tasteless. But, here is a good lemon juice! It will give a spicy and sour taste salad.

4. Cinnamon

Despite that cinnamon is used mainly as a sweet spice, it is time to consume for other purposes. Besides being a great substitute for salt, cinnamon has great health benefits - lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels. It is best served with spicy dishes, because it gives them a special charm.

5. Basil

Its unique smell and taste will make your dishes special. In order to preserve all the important ingredients of basil leaves, it should be added in food just after the cooking. Goes well with pasta and salads, but also can be added in many cooked dishes.

6. Cardamom

Cardamom belongs to the ginger family and is great for stomach problems, but also is great as a spice for all kinds of dishes. It tastes salty, making it an excellent savory and healthy spice. If you want even stronger flavor, fry the cardamom seeds a little.


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Best Healthy Salt Alternatives   





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