Chocolate: Which Is Good For Your Health?


The search for good chocolate can be extremely challenging due to the easy deception with great packaging and false claims of manufacturers.


Knowing how to recognize high-quality chocolate will reduce stress levels, as well as will make a step towards improving the health status, since the dark chocolate has numerous health benefits.

About the benefits of the quality chocolate for the human body says the study in which were included 25,000 respondents who eat 100 grams of high-quality chocolate in daily basis. It was shown that these individuals significantly were reduced the risk of heart disease and heart stroke.

1. Higher bitterness, higher quality. Dark chocolate.

The term "dark" chocolate is not regulated by the world food administration, so the chocolate can be called dark even when it is not. From the health perspective, when purchasing dark chocolate, unlike milk or white chocolate, you get a higher concentration of flavonoids and polyphenols - antioxidants that fight free radicals associated with diseases.

Interesting fact: It turned out that dark chocolate contains significantly more antioxidants than blueberries. Therefore, read the declaration and select those with a high percentage of cocoa, and to take advantage of the health benefits of chocolate, opt for one that contains 70 percent cocoa.


2. Cocoa butter

Good fats in quality chocolate is called cocoa butter and it is the source of stearic acid, which is good for the heart. Avoid fake chocolate products that manufacturers are trying to display as genuine. If the inscription "partially hydrogenated" is on the list of ingredients, then you should avoid this product. These trans fats are directly associated with heart disease.

3. Choose smaller packs

Most people can afford a little daily intake of dark chocolate. Namely, after the women with a history of heart attacks ate one to two servings of high-quality chocolate a week has been shown that the risk of hospitalization for heart failure was reduced by 32 percent compared to those who consumed a certain amount of candies, according to a study published in the scientific journal "Heart Circulation".

In order to avoid excessive amounts of chocolate, choose individually wrapped chocolates. The act of removing the cover of the chocolate will make you to slow down and give your satiety hormones time to register satisfaction. According to a study published in the journal "Appetite", people on average consume 41 percent fewer calories when they want to eat wrapped snacks.

4. Less is more

To make chocolate, you need a cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, and sometimes vanilla. However, that is not enough to many producers of chocolate . Due to the obvious habits of producers that include additional ingredients in chocolate filling, such types of chocolates try to avoid and select the brand which use pure ingredients.

5. Berries and nuts

Magical process that chocolate makes for health does not begin in the mouth, but in the large intestine. New research attaches precise health benefits to chocolate. Combining chocolate with tough fibers that are found in nuts and berries you'll boost the health benefits of chocolate.


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Chocolate: Which Is Good For Your Health?   





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