Indoor Spicy Herb Garden


Growing spicy herbs at home is a great way to enjoy their beautiful aroma through the whole year, as well as to enrich home made dishes with unique fragrance and flavor of fresh spices.


Even if you live in an apartment and do not have a large garden available do not have to give up this pleasure. You can plant spices in small flower pots and place them on the terrace or the kitchen window. There are few rules for successful spicy garden.

  • Select a very bright location. The best choice is south window through which spices will get about 6 hours of sunlight.
  • Prepare small flower pots for planting. Add not very dense country. To improve drainage, mix the earth with a little coarse sand.
  • It is best to plant the seed early in the morning.
  • If planting more different spices in a oblong flower pot, leave enough space between them so they can branch out.
  • Irrigate them regularly, especially when they branch out.
  • When you want to use in your dishes always cut the spices from the top with scissors. Cut only as much as you need at the moment. Spicy herbs grow quickly and you will always have fresh spices.


We recommend the following types of spices:

Basil - even if you do not use in cooking, you will enjoy its fragrance. Perfect for Caprese salads or on bruschetta.

Mint - Refreshing summer drinks can not be imagined without fresh mint leaves.

Rosemary - Excellent in combination with meat. Plant the rosemary in a flower pot with small holes on the bottom and irrigate it often.

Parsley - It is easy to grow and very popular.

Dill - Used with fish, salads, in addition to pasta

Sage - sage leaves give rich flavor of dishes. Blue flowers also can be used as a spice. From dried leaves you can make tea.

Thyme - Used as an additive in many different dishes. Grow it in a flower pot on direct sunlight.


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Indoor Spicy Herb Garden   





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