Fight Bad Breath With Lemon And Parsley


It not infrequently happens that people who have bad breath feel uncomfortable and less confident when talking to others directly. If you have this problem, read this article to the end.


Perhaps the quickest way to get rid of bad breath is to take a few leaves fresh parsley . Parsley has antiseptic properties and contains chlorophyll, which is great for a good breath. Note that only fresh leaves act, and you should chew them short, then you can swallow or not, depending on how you like. Similar effects have the leaves of mint and coriander .

In case you can not find fresh leaves of parsley, we suggest you another solution. Prepare a slightly ber mixture of water and lemon , or b lemonade without sugar. The acid from the lemon neutralizes the odor and is especially useful if you have eaten garlic or onions, because restores the balance in oral cavity.


Tips that will help you get rid of bad breath

Bad breath may last short or long time. Certain foods, cigarettes and alcohol can lead to bad breath, but luckily it is a temporary problem. If you have trouble with the bad breath for a long time, and you have healthy teeth, there is likely to be bacteria. Consult your doctor because it is not a problem without a solution and can get rid of it very quickly. In addition, follow these tips:

  • Keep your oral hygiene properly and regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Refresh your breath with sugar free breath mints
  • Stop smoking, reduce the consumption of coffee and alcohol
  • Drink yogurt , and if you plan to leave the house soon, avoid consumption of fresh garlic and onions


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Fight Bad Breath With Lemon And Parsley   





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