Tips And Tricks For Making Healthy Natural Juice


Making a healthy and quality natural juice requires a good fruit. In no case you should use fruits that became ripe at home rather than in natural conditions. Also, you should not use too ripe fruits. The point is that such a fruit does not contain useful components for which it is used in health purposes.


Select only healthy, undamaged fruits. A tiny dot can infect entire amount, therefore carefully choose the fruit you use. Processing of partially rotten fruits reduces the delicious taste and the nutritional values of juices. Rotten fruit as well as juice squeezed from him can harm human health.

As is well known, berries have highly increased acidity. Therefore, there is a need to be carefully selected all elements which are involved in the process of making juice. It is recommended that all these accessories should be made from wood, glass or stainless steel. The container should be enameled. It is not recommended to use aluminum container or any container that oxidized.


Rules for making fruit juices at home

  • Select ripe fruits with no dots and rotten parts
  • Wash the fruit well in cold water
  • Container in which will be drained the juice must be resistant to the strong influence of acids that exist in large quantities in juice. Juicer, should also be made of stainless steel. Otherwise the juice will immediately get a dark color and will lose its delicious and healthy properties
  • Remove the seeds and stalks from the fruit
  • We recommend drinking fruit juice without adding a sugar. If juice is very sour, then add a little honey

Preparation of berries also requires adherence to certain rules and fulfillment of certain conditions:

  • For getting berry juice at home, is recommended to select a fruit with larger grains. They must be attractive and should not be rotted. When buying, give preference to light and ripe, meaty and juicy berries with thin shell and small seeds. Before you drain the juice, check the flavor. It should not be sour. If fruits contain a lot of water, the juice you get from them is not as helpful because it lacks the necessary amount of nutrients.
  • Wash the berries well in cold water
  • Use containers that are resistant to fruit acids


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Tips And Tricks For Making Healthy Natural Juice   





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