Cutting Boards: Top 7 Things You Should Know


Do you use glass or marble cutting board? - These cutting boards are strictly decorative. Their surface dulls knives and therefore are not practical for everyday use. Instead , we suggest using a plastic or a wooden cutting board.


Don't cut meat and vegetables on the same cutting board - To avoid cross contamination always use different cutting board for meat and vegetable / fruit / bread. In order to remember this we suggest using cutting boards in different colors.

Cutting board slips while using - In order to protect your fingers put a damp kitchen cloth under the cutting board

Don't wash the cutting board in a dishwasher- Whether wood or plastic, cutting board should be washed by hand. Long stay in hot water will destroy the board, will cause distortion and cracking.

You have an old cutting board - When cracks and hollows occur it is time for a new board. They are difficult to wash, so there is possibility to have food residue inside.

Remove unpleasant odors using lemon- Certain products like garlic, chicken and fish leave unpleasant odors on your chopping board. Lemon eliminate those odors, and also disinfects the surface. To remove odor, rub the board with half a lemon, then rinse with cold water.

Salt and baking soda for thoroughly clean of chopping board- To clean thoroughly your cutting board, make a paste of one teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of baking soda and a little water, then rub the board well. Finally, rinse with warm water.


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Cutting Boards: Top 7 Things You Should Know   





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