Clove: healthy Gums, healthy Liver, Improves Digestion, cures Toothaches


Aromatic clove belongs to the group of sweet spices, therefore is more used in sweet dishes, desserts and pastries. But should not forget that with cloves and pork roast, some sausages, salami, and soups have a special taste.


The origins of this spicy and medicinal plant are from Indonesia, and also it is the country where the clove is most produced and eaten as a spice and is an integral part of the daily menu. His specially expressed aroma and flavor make clove a very favorable ingredient for various dishes as we already mentioned, especially good fits in cakes and desserts and sweet drinks.

Cloves can be purchased in the form of whole dried buds that are rich in volatile oils, and the smell is intense, sharp and pleasant, which means that are in good quality. Quality cloves contain up to 20% volatile oil, and its main component is Eugenol, which is 80-90% of the oil. Cloves contains flavonoids, tannins, phenolic carboxylic acids and other useful substances.



The curative properties of cloves

It is confirmed that clove improves appetite and digestion, acts as an antiseptic, helps in removing excess mucus in the respiratory organs, and strengthens the liver. Has been proven that terpenic compounds found in Eugenol which is a major constituent of the volatile oils, are most deserving for antibcterial influencing to the wide range of bacteria, and also helps against many species of fungi.

If you nibble, clove is good aromatic for removing odor of the mouth , and excellent antiseptic for preventing the occurrence of tartar.

Clove acts like local anesthetic that instantly improves toothache and also acts as a stimulant for a better circulation of blood in the gums , which makes them strong and healthy .

This spice is considered as good for circulation, digestion and metabolism, and overcomes stomach problems such as gas, bloating and nausea in the stomach.


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Clove: healthy Gums, healthy Liver, Improves Digestion, cures Toothaches   





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