Red Wine: Healthy Heart and Blood Vessels


Do you drink red wine and with that you consciously keep your heart healthy? If red wine protects the heart, than black grapes should have the same function, but apparently is not exactly the same? Read to the end and find out why there is a difference.


The amount of wine intake is also very important, but what is more important is the amount of protective substances. Therefore a direct answer to the question how much wine is good for health, it is up to half liter of red wine, which is considered as a daily dose of health . These questions were intriguing for a number of researchers who constantly examined polyphenols from the skin of grapes and the effects 0 of giving both the experimental animals and on human volunteers. The obtained results were clear - red wine is full of valuable protective substances. And here we come to the crucial moment and a clear recommendation for the beneficial dose, which for women is one glass per day, and for men up to two glasses per day.

Red wine and risk of cardiovascular disease

There are numerous convincing evidence that red wine or polyphenols which are part of its composition increases the protective HDL cholesterol fraction and simultaneously prevented from raising LDL faction and its oxidation, which in turn leads to fatty deposits on the surface of blood vessels .



Thus, if you adhere to the recommended daily dose of red wine, the risk of sudden heart disease and circulatory system is reduced by 30-50%. You can "swallow" all sorts of pills, but it is considered that the chemical products can never fully replace the effect which is produced naturally. First, in the case when the heart muscle that is working tirelessly arise short acute shortage of oxygen, occurs acute state of ischemia. Health benefits are here even after first heart attack, in preventing a second heart attack, which could cause death. This is due again to the polyphenols present in red wine that are powerful antioxidants and act while you sleep, course in case regularly drink the recommended daily amount of red wine. They prevent the occurrence of blood clots circulating through the blood vessels and the moment get to a point where the vessel is narrowed, leading to obstruction (blockage) and is known under the term "heart attack".

What are flavonoids and which are the benefits of them?

Dry dense wines with blue-violet color are the richest in flavonoids. They have the protective factor called resveratrol (RES), which has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer abilities in living organisms. Besides wine, RES can be found in smaller amounts in peanuts and raspberries. The active substances (flavonoids) optimally act when are exploited from natural fermented (boiled) alcohol. Therefore, grape juice does not give the same effect as red wine.

What about raisins?

Drying - the loss of water and the process of insolation (sun exposure) not destroy flavonoids, but missing the process of fermentation. Thus, the health benefits of such products are derived only from the content of antioxidants.


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Red Wine: Healthy Heart and Blood Vessels   





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