Love and Creative Food Ideas


If you are planning to surprise your loved one in a special way here are some romantic ideas that will assist make the day unforgettable.


There is no need to buy expensive presents, because they say that love goes through the stomach. Now is the time to start experimenting with food and be prepared for one of the most romantic and most beautiful days of the year. Your partner will be satisfied, and you'll save your money. Here are our suggestions:

Prepare loving breakfast

Take a hot dog, cut it in half and model it into the shape of a heart. Place in a plate and also apply ketchup, which should also be in the form of a heart.

Make fries in the shape of a heart


If you decide to surprise your partner with lunch, then take 3 to 4 potatoes, peel and cut into hearts with heart mold. Sprinkle them with olive oil, add your favorite spice and bake. Simple and fast idea that anyone can do.

Prepare loving dinner

If your partner loves pizza, then you should prepare it, but this time will be a little different. Prepare pizza dough in shape of a heart, apply tomato sauce, oregano, cheese and on the top place ham or beacon slices, which have also been cut in the shape of a heart with the help of a mold. With this you will certainly conquer his/her heart!

Do not forget his/her favorite cookies

For food to be perfect, at the end, surprise him/her with his favorite cookies. You can bake in the form of heart or add decorations suggestive of love.

Take a glass of red wine and enjoy your love.

Author: GoodFood Recipes team


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Love and Creative Food Ideas   





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