Women, Wine and Great Sex


The latest survey of Italian scientists from Florence led to the conclusion that women who daily consume one to two glasses of red wine have a better and more fulfilling sex life.


By analyzing the 800 respondents aged 18 to 50 years they have come to the conclusion that women who have a daily habit to consume small amounts (one to two cups) red wine, enjoy sex more than those who did not drink. Emphasis is placed on the sexual appetite, orgasms and pleasure of sexual activity. Those who drank two cups a day, eventually had 27.3 points, while those who drank only one, won 25.9 points from answers in the survey about sexual experiences. Score of 24.4 points on the ladies who not consumed wine lead to the conclusion given in the previous rows.



Historically, since ancient Greece is known that the relationship between wine and sexuality is very strong. Women who drink wine moderately have better and happier sex life. However, this aspect is not sufficiently explored and we will try to do further research in a new direction, to check if there really is such a great connection between wine and female sexuality - told Dr Nicola Mondaini, at the University of Florence.

What can be assumed from this study and confirmed by scientists themselves, is that most satisfied with their sex lives are older ladies who actually have the habit of drinking wine, as opposed to younger ones.

Glass or Two => Fun for You !


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Women, Wine and Great Sex   





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