5 Reasons Why Eating Egg Yolk Is Healthy


There are more than 5 reasons why it is healthy to include egg yolks in your menu. Eggs are considered as a useful food and if you eat moderately, or according recommendations of the doctors and that is an egg per day, your health will never be in danger.


Eggs are good for vision and source of essential proteins needed for building muscle. Ample carotenoids, compounds that accumulate in the retina and improve selective filtration of UV rays and light. Nowadays doctors recommend to eat one egg a day. The egg is a good ally for pregnant women, and also very useful for hair and skin. Not coincidentally eggs are almost always represented an ingredient in home made masks and assets for sustenance and beautifying the hair and skin.



Egg yolk contains the following components that are necessary for the health of the body and in no way can harm:
Choline - ingredient which plays an important role in the health of the liver, and improves memory and prevention of neurological disorders. It improves endurance during hard training, and may even help prevent heart disease.
Vitamin B2 or riboflavin, which plays an important role in metabolism.
Vitamin B12 which is essential for normal functioning of the brain, nervous system and blood. It is very important for the energy of the body.
Vitamin E which is very important for bone health.
Iron - which is necessary for energy, strong immunity, the development of cognitive function and ability to maintain body temperature.

Sources: GoodFoodRecipes.net team


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5 Reasons Why Eating Egg Yolk Is Healthy   





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