9 Homemade Christmas Ideas For Decorating Your Home


We are a week away from Christmas and two weeks from new year. So , It's time to start making interesting decorating ideas for the Christmas and New Years eve. Here are some handmade Christmas decorating ideas which we pointed as a special.


Thinks in your kitchen like pasta ribbons, oranges can grow into shiny chain, bright lights or roses maybe? Ready? Just carefully follow instructions below and have fun making your decorations.

Shiny pasta

Brush every ribbon with glue and sprinkle with flashes. Allow the glue to dry, then fasten ribbons at an equal distance with the long thick thread or yarn.

Before sprinkling ribbons with flashes, you may paint the ribbons with food color or color spray.

Christmas tree napkin

All you need for your Christmas tree napkins is a little time and several cotton or paper napkins, preferably in green color or in color you like.

Aromatic candles in orange

Make your home smell like Christmas with these aromatic candles placed in orange. For decorating oranges use cloves.

Most popular

Frozen fruit

The center of the table may be decorated with some frozen fruits.

In a small bowl beat the egg white, but not too long. Using a brush, brush fruits with egg white and then dust in powdered sugar or in crystal sugar. If necessary insert several layers to get a snowy look.

For more interesting look, you may glue some shapes on fruits right before brushing with egg white and at the end you should only remove them.

Candles with cinnamon

Surround candles with cinnamon sticks and fasten them with caulking or Christmas tape. Despite from that you get a lovely decoration, you can enjoy the irresistible smell of cinnamon.

Wreath of canes

Santa's sleigh from canes

Make Santa's sleigh simply by sticking together two canes and chocolate bar. Firstly, you need to glue the chocolate bar above two canes. Now, your new sleigh can load up some sweeties or chocolate bars coated in your favorite color.

Roses from orange

The rind of orange or tangerine is very easy to convert into attractive roses.

Carve orange rind

Carve orange rind in various stripe and enhance the appearance with cloves.


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9 Homemade Christmas Ideas For Decorating Your Home   





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