What Does 100 Calories Look Like and How To Lose 100 Calories?


Would you choose four peaches over a small sliver of cheese or maybe glass of beer or glass of white wine.


Many of us wonder how many calories are in snacks we eat everyday. DailyMail helps us resolve this issue, making this list of 100 calories snacks.

In second part of this post see how to lose 100 calories.

100 Calories Snacks

One finger of a Twix

For all meat lovers: One and a half of rashers of bacon

Half a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk

Four and a half walnuts

Full plate of 27 strawberries

Pack of Twiglets original (24g)

Two Jaffa Cakes

Fat - free yoghurt (125g) and one apple

A tablespoon of sunflower seeds

Half a Kit Kat Chunky

Eight dried apricots

Two rye crispbreads topped with two tbsp of cottage cheese

Seven fruit pastilles

1 tbsp of sweet raisins

Eight carrot sticks and 1 tbsp of salsa sauce

One slice of wholemeal bread (78g) - or toast and 1tsp (5g) of peanut butter

A 125ml glass of white wine

A glass of beer

A 20g chunk of cheese

One and a half custard cream biscuits

Four peaches

150ml of Frijj Chocolate milkshake

Full plate of 80 blackberries

One medium - sized banana

Medium-sized egg (57g) and a solider of wholemeal toast

Four and a half Brazil nuts

A 200ml glass of Tropicana orange juice

Three quarters of a can of Coca Cola

One apple and a handful of grapes

One scoop of ice cream

Six and a quarter marshmallows

AND NOW, how to burn off these 100 calories? Here are fifteen activities that will burn off 100 calories:

- Twelve minutes of jogging

- Twenty minutes of table tennis

- One hour of typing

- Half an hour of moderate walking

- Fifteen minutes of gardening

- One hour of driving

- Fifteen minutes of power walking

- Twenty minutes of vigorous sex

- Forty minutes of housework

- Twenty minutes of swimming

- Twenty minutes of Basketball - shooting hoops

- Twenty three minutes of casual biking

- Thirteen minutes of playing casual soccer

- Eleven minutes of playing beach volleyball

- Twenty three minutes of playing with children

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