Danger In Our Households: Deadly Chemicals Are Part Of Teflon Cookwares


In nowadays, when we all live in the age of fast, everybody wants to cook fast and easy.


Some people often use teflon non-stick pans to prepare their meals without knowing the danger of it. If you are in this category,read the text bellow and find out what you do to your body by using these teflon cookwares.

The Dangers of Teflon

Most of the American households don't know that Teflon presents a real danger for health and can cause serious complications. Teflon is made from PFOA or C8, chemical which is type of perfluorinated chemical or PFC. This chemicals are used to make stain resistant fabrics, certain packaging materials and non-stick materials.


The PFC family of chemicals is also classified by the E.P.A. as probable hormone disruptors, with the potential for producing wide-ranging hormonal effects considered harmful to women's reproductive systems, though both the E.P.A. and F.D.A.

Researchers uncovered a remarkably strong association between blood-levels of  PFOAs, found in Teflon and infertility in women. In the study published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) it was stated that women with higher levels of PFOAs in their blood have had trouble getting pregnant 70%-134% - measured as time to pregnancy from attempted natural conception.

According to a UCLA study led by Chunyuan Fei, mothers with higher levels of PFOAs in their blood have toddlers and babies who are less likely to reach developmental milestones early.In another more recent study also linked PFOAs to thyroid disease and colitis.

Is teflon carcinogen material?

When Teflon is heated up for several minutes dangerous chemicals are emitted into the air. According to tests by the EWG, when Teflon coated pans are heated up for just two to five minutes on a kitchen this occurs. The chemical that is released when this happens has been associated with thousands of bird deaths as well as human sickness.

According to EWG, scientists showed that a Teflon pan reaches 721 degrees Fahrenheit in just five minutes. At just 680 degrees Fahrenheit, six dangerous gasses are released, two of which are known carcinogens. And if temperatures reach 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or more, PFIBs were released. PFIBs were used as a chemical warfare agent in World War II.

Tests show that these pans easily can reach these temperatures through pre-heating or high heat settings, and this likely occurs on a regular basis in kitchens across America.


Obviously, these pans are bad choice. So what do you do if you already have those "perfect" pots and pans? If you can't afford to overhaul your whole kitchen, start with those that are scratched, as they're more likely to leach these toxic chemicals into your food.


In the future, always keep in mind that ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, glass bakeware are always better choice.


Sources: Dr.Axe, Psychology Today, Mommy Greenest


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Danger In Our Households: Deadly Chemicals Are Part Of Teflon Cookwares   





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