Practical And Simple Gadgets That Every Kitchen Should Be Using



Cookie Roller Cutter Machine

This tool can easy press the exquisite decorative pattern. It can be used to make cookies, biscuits, chocolate, pie, bread, cake, pizza etc.

Creative Cake Slicer

Machine Peeler

Quick and easy to use tool that easily mounts to table, great for peeling pears, potatoes, apples ect.

Vegetable Slicer

Perfect for cutting green onion, spring onion, vegetables ect.

Vegetable and Fruit Carve Slicer

Garlic Press

Perfect for mashing fresh garlic or ginger into a fine paste for sauces, dressings, or marinades.

Sharpener Peeler

Peel carrots, fruits, cucumbers, with this gadget tool to decorate and add a bit of fun to your salads and dishes.

Flower Steam Releaser

Here's a cheerful way to keep the lid of the pot open, so steam can vent. Just place the flower on the edge of the pot, and rest the lid on it. Flower petals will spin occasionally when heat is on.


Sushi Maker

If you want your home made sushi to taste as good as it does in your local restaurant, then you need the equipment that the professionals use.

Cake Pie Slicer

Make equal cake slices.

Egg Yolk White Separator

No more problems with yolk separation.

Kitchen Wash Tool

Usage: Put dish washing liquid into the bottom, and press it.

Sponge Holder


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Practical And Simple Gadgets That Every Kitchen Should Be Using   





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